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Libertarian Party Beliefs--a History

Media representing the Libertarian Party beliefs, and explaining libertarian philosophy on the subject. The application of libertarian beliefs expressed by the party or others may or may not universally represent libertarian views on the topic for all adherents.
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Stop Drinking Guide - About Alcoholism

By Eddie Philips

Alcohol is always found present throughout our different cultures and our social occasions have almost become dependent on alcohol. It is common knowledge that drinking moderately won't harm us and some Doctors even recommend a daily glass of red wine, but the trend to drink heavily has increased recently and people are experimenting with alcohol at an ever earlier age.

How does alcohol actually affect our brain? Well alcohol has something in common with most other drugs and this is that it affects our brain and we like it. Unfortunately our system becomes tolerant to small quantities of alcohol, so we start drinking larger quantities to maintain the same effect. The consequence being that we drink more and more to feel the same and there's nothing that is going to stop us from becoming an alcoholic.

Alcohol dependency can also result in;- 1) Dementia - Basically that's memory loss, a bit like Alzheimer's dementia. 2)Psychosis - Scary stuff when you st…